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Screaming Frog - best SEO Crawler currently available.
Screaming Frog is one of the most comfortable SEO-Software pieces out there. Screaming Frog Ltd started publishing this software for Windows on 23rd of November 2010. Due to the success and the fact that many SEO specialists are working on a Mac, Screaming Frog Ltd soon published a Mac OS Version as well. In my home office I am using the Mac OS version, at work, I am using the Windows version. Both versions work perfectly and you can interchange Mac OS crawl files (more about them later) and files from your PC. But let me introduce you to this software first, before getting into further detail later in some followup posts. So I’d like to answer some common questions about crawlers and Screaming Frog first, before digging deeper into the software.

What is a crawler?

Well, to make it as simple as possible: A crawler helps you to find every single URL and file that is linked anywhere on an existing domain. So its goal is to help you find all available resources on a website. Of course, Screaming Frog can do more for you – but more about that later

Why do you need a crawler for SEO?

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