Hi! I am Ben Moll.

I am an SEO & Analytics Expert with a wide experience in Analytics, Strategies and hands-on experience as an SEO Consultant since 2006. Due to my advanced knowledge of HTML, PHP, FTP, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and other CMS, I am the perfect partner for any agency or company when it comes to extending their Online Marketing impact. You can find more information about me below. Thank you for your visit!

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A little history

I was born in 1979 in Fuerth and raised in Munich and finished school in 1999. Afterward, I started an apprenticeship as a Graphic Designer in a Munich based Full Service Marketing agency.
2001 most clients still wanted to have a flash site, so besides learning HTML and CSS I also learned ActionScript. As soon as the first Search Engines popped up, I  learned and understood the way Search Engines worked.

Even so, my clients at that time did not have a strong need for SEO and SEM, I stuck to it and never gave up teaching my clients and learning ever since. So far I worked as an in-house SEO, SEM specialist, SEO consultant, Director of Data and Analytics. Currently, I am working as an independent Analytics and SEO Expert for other agencies and my own clients.

Coming from the Graphic Design background I do offer a few more skills besides my profound knowledge in SEO and SEM. I am excellent at Photoshop, Illustrator, and Typography. I love graphic design and have an eye for good/bad usability of websites. I also love copywriting, automation and content creation.

What drives me…

What drives me the most when it comes to Online Marketing is first and foremost my interest and passion about the technology behind Search Engines and valid data that comes from on-site analytics. Understanding that technology and having a constant watch over the changes that are taking place almost on a daily basis gives me the opportunity to understand what kind of content works, what optimization works and which doesn’t. But what is SEO without the numbers? In my opinion, you can’t create a working strategy without valid numbers – that’s why I also specialized on analytics-based SEO, creating valid personas not based on ideas but based on data from external as well as internal sources from CRM systems.

Why SEO and Analytics?

As an SEO Consultant, I always have to proof of the impact of my work. Clients need to understand and differentiate the performance of the individual channels where website users are coming from and how many conversions and revenue they get through each channel.

So Analytics is THE tool every SEO Specialists needs to deal with. Understanding Analytics is one thing, but the other is consulting others regarding the setup of Analytics, setting up comprehensive and intelligible dashboards for each stakeholder and knowing everything about tag management systems.

Whom this site is for

SEO Specialists like you with whom I’d love to share my insights, thoughts and would like to stay in contact with.

Newbies and those who want to learn SEO or Analytics from one of the professionals. No worries, we all started like this, there are just a few interesting and important books that can convey the basics to you but nothing can be more helpful as real insights and your own experience to understand this.

My clients to stay on top of current trends in SEO and Analytics and to gain better insights in my work.

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